ATOS Triple Scan

Industrial optical 3d scanner

3D Coordinate Measurement
High End Scanning and Inspection System
Quality Control and Reverse Engineering

The ATOS Triple Scan is a high-resolution, optical 3D scanner that delivers rapid and precise three-dimensional measuring data for the optimization of machine parameters, thereby improving industrial production processes in prototyping. The ATOS system is used in many industries for the inspection of parts such as automotive, aircraft construction, tooling and motor racing and many more. Precise inspection is particularly essential for industrial 3D-printing, where every day new, highly complex parts are being manufactured.

The ATOS Triple Scan is based on the latest camera sensors as well as innovative measurement and projection technology. That's why the sensors provide precise measuring accuracy and reliable 3D-data. The ATOS Triple Scan delivers particularly impressive results measuring shiny surfaces, fine patterns and edges. In addition, ATOS technology significantly reduces the number of individual scans and speeds up the entire measuring process.

The inspection plan is compiled based on CAD-data and a measurement plan. Then the ATOS sensor is positioned freely before the workpiece. After each measuring the workpiece is moved by a fully automatic rotary table in order to capture areas outside of the previous scan. All individual measurements are automatically transformed to a common coordinate system and generate a complete 3D point cloud. Following the data collection, the software produces a polygon mesh of the part surface as well as the actual values of the inspection plan. This data is compared with the original data and presented in a report. The measurements are analyzed by robotmech and archived.

The data from ATOS Triple Scan is used by robotmech at any time to inspect components, to advance the development of our machines and resin systems and in order to optimize manufacturing processes.

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