EDAG/Rücker presents “EDAG-GENESIS” at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

By presenting the “EDAG-GENESIS” at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, EDAG/Rücker presented the future of manufacturing technology – achieved with robotmech as a production partner.


Additive manufacturing is a process of producing future components that are more flexible in size, structure and form than currently is possible. Consequently, they are far more superior than conventional manufacturing processes. “EDAG-GENESIS” is an example of an innovative and pioneering production process of a vehicle body, shaped out of one single piece. Similar in form and function to that of a tortoise shell, it’s an image of nature.


By means of stereo-lithography, organically grown structures can be reproduced without limitations, enabling designers unlimited possibilities and enormous freedom regarding future product development and production.


robotmech, Europe’s stereo-lithography specialist, quickly and accurately transform its customers’ ideas and plans into tangible, “hands-on” prototypes, which feature many benefits of a functioning product.


The highly qualified robotmech team, the company’s ample production capacity and best quality materials all play an important part in taking an idea to realization.


robotmech – Rapid Prototyping Factory






konzentriert. analytisch. formgebend

The concept of a car body consisting entirely out of one piece is processed in our data-center.



Accurate. exact. fast.

Based on the processed data, the first prototype is created from liquid resin.



Attentive. meticulous. optimal.

Layer by layer, the complex internal structure takes shape.



nature-dynamic. innovative. futuristic.

Made from one piece, the vehicle body was inspired by the form and functionality of a tortoise shell. A futuristic prototype that realizes completion.