3D printing – Lightweight construction of the future

World premiere of the concept car “EDAG Light Cocoon” in Geneva in 2015

The “EDAG Light Cocoon”: An impressive view of the ultimate future 3D printing vision with an entirely new understanding of aesthetics in automobile design.


As a technology partner and 3D printing specialist, robotmech produced the body parts for this new concept car designed by Wiesbaden engineering specialist EDAG.


“EDAG Light Cocoon” is a visionary approach to a compact sports car. The vehicle is protected with an optimized bionic body structure and generative produced vehicle structure as well as by a layer of weather resistant fabric.

The result is cobweb-like, hollow structure, which maximizes weight reduction yet still meets the requirements of, for example, torsional or bending stiffness.



Technical specifications of the concept car “EDAG Light Cocoon” – Topologically optimized structure produced with the SLA process.

4.180 mm length

1.900 mm width

1.245 mm height



robotmech – 3D printing services and production




Geneva Motor Show 2015


Production and Finishing